Dime® True Wireless Earbuds

(133 customer reviews)


  • 12 Hours Total Battery
  • Microphone, Call, Track, & Volume Controls
  • Auto Connect
  • Secure Noise Isolating Fit
  • IPX4 Sweat and Water Resistant
  • Use Either Bud Solo

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Headphone Type: True Wireless Earbud
Connection Type: Bluetooth® 5
Impedance: 16Ω±15%
Driver Diameter: 6mm
THD: <3% at 1KHz
Battery Capacity: Earbud: 20mAh, Charging Case: 150mAh
Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20KHz
Weight: 32g

What’s in the Box

Dime® True Wireless Earbuds
Charging Case
Ear Gels (S, M, L)
Micro-USB Charging Cable
User Guide

Additional Information

Importer and Packer Name & Address :- Brandeyes Distributors Pvt. Ltd. 2nd Floor,201,67-68, Chandra Bhawan Nehru Place, New Delhi -110019

Manufacturer Name and Address :- Ampacs International Co.Ltd, Lot B7_H_Cn,Bau Bang District, Binh Udong Province Vietnam Binh Udong,Vietnam-72000

Country of Origin:- Vietnam

Additional information


Chill Gray, Dark Blue/Green, Dark Gray/Blue, Golden Age Red, Golden Orange, True Black

133 reviews for Dime® True Wireless Earbuds

  1. Rajesh

    Very nice sound, small carrying case!

  2. Sumit

    Love that fact I can use one so I can sleep comfortably and still listen to a video

  3. Mayank

    Great sound, long lasting battery, easy use. Small size makes wearing comfortable.

  4. Vivek

    Very affordable earbuds. Great quality only bad thing I can say is sometimes they’ll unpair randomly…but that’s only happened 2 times since I purchased them. Love these earbuds!! ❤

  5. Chander

    Love these earbuds have not been disappointed yet by Skullcandy products

  6. Pankaj

    Battery running time very good

  7. Amit

    Love them, wish the batteries lasted longer!!!

  8. Akshay Surti

    The best earbuds in a price range. Looks very tiny but has a power to make a change. Nice ear grip and amazing sound quality.

  9. Sumit Pandey

    Very great sound quality…….

  10. Sheryl

    Battery running time is very good………….

  11. Sumit

    Great earbuds at this price point. Battery life could be a tad bit longer.

  12. Sumit

    Easy to use tbh, not really a problem except whenever i put them in the case they dont turn off on their own.

  13. Sumit

    Very good song with bases in the background. I really love it. I can’t get enough of it? The battery lasts a long time and they are very very comfortable.

  14. Sumit

    Awesome! Wireless is awesome! Great job on the dime!

  15. Sumit

    So far I love them! I’ve been using them a lot over the past month and they are awesome! You can use them individually, and they last a long time. And, in my case, you can wear them both in either ear comfortably.

  16. Sumit

    These are a great choice for their price point. They do hurt my ears if I wear them for too long. But the battery does last surprisingly long considering their size!

  17. Vaibhav

    For the small form factor and a comparison to the Galaxy buds+ I use daily, these are so definitely worth the money the product to value balance that you get from these are insane compared to all the other companies right now I’m currently using these daily at home and I love I use them on multiple devices and call Quality is shockingly good and misread more about review stating Love these little things!t importantly it still has that Skullcandy rich in bass sound to it!

  18. Aiswarya

    Comfortable and lightweight, I’m a huge fan of these buds, normally I only like the large over-ear headphones but I love these…

  19. KISHAN

    Very nice sound, small carrying case!

  20. Kashyap

    Love the fact I can use one so I can sleep comfortably and still listen to a video.

  21. Jatan

    Did not realize how much I relied on having the controls on the earpieces, but other than they are comfortable and suit their purpose – one-sided noisemaker for bedtime. Really like the compact charging box.

  22. Abhay

    Exactly the wireless earbuds that I’m looking for. So happy with this purchase!

  23. Benet

    They are super great!! Nice and Comfortable!!

  24. Akash

    A little too big for my ears, they get uncomfortable after a while. Around quality is great though and I love how convenient they are!

  25. Pushpesh

    I like the fact that you can listen to one at a time and when that one gets discharged you can play the other one while the 1st one is charging and you just have an endless charged earbud.


    I absolutely LOVE THE hell out of my Dime Earbuds! Crisp sound, earbuds that fit comfortably in your ears. The dude that came up with the Podcast Movie & Music mode features deserves a dozen roses and a kiss.

  27. Anil Kumar

    I love them, great sound, they fit nicely and I’ve never had better than these . . . Would buy them again

  28. Shazan

    These are absolutely awesome. The sound is amazing and live up to the Skullcandy standards. The price is great and Skullcandy is the only company that I will buy.

  29. Mohammad

    At this price & size, keeping an extra pair of these in your backpack or car is totally practical!
    Been keeping a pair of these in the truck, so that I can keep the audiobook rolling when I go into the grocery store.
    Also, the physical button is a nice touch.

  30. Abhishek

    Comfortable, easy to use, and blocks out a lot of ambient noise. Great quality, especially for the price. My new go-to.

  31. Madhav

    You get a bang for your buck literally like these headphones are the smallest most powerful in-ear audio you could ever invest in. I love the fact that the size doesn’t take out of the sound quality. It also comes in dope colors. Give them a try no ?

  32. Deepu

    So small and lightweight – easy to always bring along for anything. Easy quick pairing, sounds great and looks cool too.

  33. Ramaiah

    Lives up to the mini but mighty marketing. Great audio for such a low price!

  34. Lokesh

    The small size of the case makes it a no-brainer for convenience, but what really sold me is the small size of the buds. They fit better in my ears than nearly any other true wireless bud I’ve tried. They’re also light enough and have a secure fit so they stay pretty firmly in place while I’m skating, biking, running, etc.

  35. Mahir

    These little earbuds pack a lot of power and versatility. The sound is great and I love that I can carry them with me on my keychain wherever I go!

  36. Meet

    Love these buds! Super stable in my ears, small and light, I barely know they’re there. Initial start-up and pairing was a breeze, and the functions are super easy to use and pretty intuitive. So stoked on them!

  37. Aby mani

    These are easy to use and fit my small ears the best of any earphones I’ve tried in the last 5 years.

  38. Ayush

    Love how portable and affordable these are and they still manage to have amazing sound quality! Super easy to set up and use. These will be my new everyday earbuds.

  39. Shivam

    These are so compact that I can fit them on my key lanyard and the setup was so easy! I just scanned and paired! A great addition to my other SKDY products!

  40. Saif ali

    These headphones kick ASS!! They’re easily the most user-friendly device I’ve ever had, and I have a ton of truly wireless products.

    Between the warranty, the customer service, and the quality I will continue to purchase with Skullcandy.

  41. Amarnath

    Simple design coupled with a lightweight feel. It is honestly amazing that these buds are at the price point they are at. I was impressed with the sound quality as well as the microphone when taking calls. I also thought it was great that the packaging was recyclable! I hate disposing of all the plastic that comes with most electronics, so it was Read more about review stating Great Quality – Great Price! refreshing to see Skullcandy putting its best foot forward with sustainability in mind!

  42. Azaan

    Love the size and price point of the Dime!


    Good for the price. A little tinny. Good battery life for so small a unit.

  44. Sooriya

    When my past true wireless broke, Dime was there, like I literally just opened my phone to read some news or something to calm myself, and there they were.
    A quick scroll on the page, a bag of happy memories from past SkullCandy products, a few clicks and they were on their way.

    Been using Dime for a while now, and they are great. Read more about review stating How to stay on top, a SkullCandy guide
    Unbelievable quality for such a price.

  45. bhaskar

    Didn’t actually believe it was as small as they said it was, but it is. Plus the sound quality is crazy good for how tiny and simple the earbuds are.

  46. Shakti

    Amazing for the price.

  47. Vijay

    Fantastic! Best budget wireless earbuds money can buy!

  48. Sandeep

    They are great. The case is really sturdy, I put them on my keys and use them daily. Love the way there small but they pack a punch.

  49. Vijay

    Perfect for working out and doing yard work. I love the 20 minute charge time. Perfect, perfect, perfect.

  50. Palak

    I like the sound quality but especially liked the small size.

  51. prasad

    I love these earbuds so much I’d definitely recommend these for everything.


    Great little buds! these are my new go-to earbuds, whether I’m heading to the grocery store or just chilling at home they connect quickly and easily and provide super solid sound.

  53. Asif

    I have a pair of Raycon E55 as well and, honestly, I can’t really tell the difference. Other than battery life, the Dimes are a way better value.

  54. Susanth

    The Dime earbuds sound pretty good for the price. The only complaint is that they don’t have a longer playtime. Will most definitely recommend it. I love Skullcandy

  55. Vineeth

    They sound great and better than I expected. I use them every day and since they are attached to my key chain, it makes it easier to find them too.

  56. Vishnu

    Very clear sound! Nice headphones!

  57. Avinash

    I love them, I would like to buy some more because I like the bass, the volume of them, they are small and compact, I really recommend them to people and friends.

  58. vipin

    I can’t believe these earbuds are as cheap as they are. I love the size and the convenience of the case and the earbuds. For the price, these earbuds are second to none.

  59. jasmeet

    So small but so good!
    I love my pair of Dime. That’s all you need to listen to your favorite track!

  60. Ajay

    These true wireless earbuds are one of a kind. So small they fit in the palm of my hand, but they carry the sound quality of much more expensive earbuds. The Dime did not disappoint.

  61. Amit

    They were a good pair of earbuds, which I can track since there so small.

  62. Abhishek

    They fit in my ear perfectly and don’t move around. The perfect headphone for on the go or just music listening. I’m sure they don’t have the comparable sound quality like some other ones, but I got them so I always had a pair on hand. Definitely works for why I bought them.

  63. SOUMY

    They’re actually super good for the price and quality, durability and sound Super good bass, and strong vocals. I also play a lot of COD on the phone and really good and accurate response to footsteps and general gameplay.

  64. Harsh

    I’m happy with my purchase! For the price, they can’t be beaten! I have occasional issues with skips with connections with my phone while I am walking (but those are minor). Again, for the price, I can’t complain much. I’ll eventually be back to purchase another pair of earbuds on a higher performance tier. Thanks again!

  65. Abhinav

    They are great I am loving them.

  66. Kyan

    So happy with these! Great sound and quality.

  67. Ishita

    Very happy with the purchase.

  68. Ajithkumar

    Amazing sound for the size.

  69. Harsh

    There good but sometimes when I have them in my ears for a while they slowly start to come out and fall out of my ear.

  70. Kanan

    These sound great, reliable so far and people are stopping me in the street to ask what they are because they look so good and comfortable.

  71. Raghav

    They are the best earbuds I have bought the sound is amazing and they fit perfectly.

  72. Saatvik

    Very awesome! Sound great for such a small earbud. Great quality!

  73. Madhav

    Worked great. Awesome sound. Use them all the time while I’m bowling.

  74. Himanshu

    excellent sound and small enough to carry everywhere.

  75. Shreyas

    These are fantastic little Bluetooth headphones, especially for the price. The sound quality is great, once again for the price, and they’re a convenient size. I accidentally put them through the washer, got them in rice right away, and they still work as if it never happened!

  76. Shiva

    Easy to synch. Perfect size. Fantastic earbuds.

  77. kartikey

    These are the best pair of earbuds I ever had. I love that I can attach them to my keys and take them everywhere I go.

  78. Sanjeevi

    Awesome earbuds with amazing sound cancellation and great volume ?

  79. Amit

    Amazing product! No need for expensive earphones. Quality is next to none, would buy again!

  80. Neha

    Great for the price. I use the same pair for multiple devices, and they always connect easily and quickly. The sound quality isn’t the greatest, but it’s not bad.

  81. Malay

    Awesome little earbuds.

  82. shababmmk

    Sound quality is amazing….buy this …..

  83. Dinesh



    1. Best budget wireless earbuds
    2. Been using Sennheiser since 2014 and now came back to Skullcandy, boy the did not disappoint for this price.
    3. Balanced Bass and Treble for crisp and clear sound.
    4. Microphone quality is absolutely amazing for this price.

  85. Abimanikumar


  86. Sudipta Nandi (verified owner)

    Skullcandy is my one of the favourite brand since 2010.
    Dime is the best sounding earbuds in this price. I am totally surprised about the sound quality.!!! Bass,trable, high and low everything is just perfect. Also the call quality is very good too. I am fully satisfied with Dime.

    Thanks Skullcandy.??

  87. Yogeshwar


  88. Danish Khan

    This item is so good

  89. Gaurav (verified owner)

    I always wanted Good call quality in Truly Wireless Earphones and Skullcandy amazed me with this feature running perfectly and that too in this budget ! Wow mann… Just go for it , it awesome

  90. Jaimin Parmar

    Good sound quality but some issues regarding volume

  91. Gopal S B


  92. Bharat Limbachiya



    Good job

  94. Vadi Vel Vadivel (verified owner)

    Primium quality

  95. Varun Kumar

    I love this product very much so i need this one Skullcandy

  96. Aniket

    Good 👍

  97. PREETHAM KUMAR (verified owner)

    The connectivity and range is awesome .The bass and equipment is really great 👍

  98. Satish Sharma (verified owner)

    Thise truly bast base is good

  99. Muttu


  100. Muttu


  101. Md Nurain

    Very good product

  102. Prabhakar (verified owner)

    Next level bass . Good out of for ears worth of money

  103. K.l Murthy


  104. Surender


  105. Raminder Singh Sidhu


  106. Monjit deuri


  107. Ashok kumar


  108. (verified owner)


  109. Bala Krishna


  110. 8787756418 (verified owner)

    Best one

  111. Sufiyan

    It’s so good

  112. Sufiyan

    It’s so agraseve and so beautiful

  113. Sufiyan

    Actrative colour
    Budget so frendlly

  114. mahir vhora

    nice looks like

  115. Aravind


  116. Zoya khan

    Very good 😊

  117. Zoya khan

    Very good i love it

  118. Jugal prajapati

    Very good excellent

  119. afrozprince01234 (verified owner)


  120. Chingkhei wangkhem (verified owner)

    High quality best sound 👍👍👍

  121. Jay Chaudhary


  122. Ranjit Kumar Sarmah

    Looks Very Exciting among All Seen…!!!

  123. Istikhar Ahmad

    Nice *

  124. Munna (verified owner)

    It’s excellent

  125. Pradeep Kumar Mohanta


  126. Karnati Ganesh (verified owner)

    Good sounds,good quality,

  127. rG


  128. Suroj jani

    Very nice

  129. Mriganka Sekhar Kashyap

    Good sound quality, Bass is😮‍💨 🤌🏼

  130. Harjinder Singh (verified owner)

    Quality, sound, backup superb…..

  131. Shashank


  132. Pavan V S

    It Has very good sound and good to listen and gives very relief to mind

  133. Priya Srivastava (verified owner)

    It Has very good sound and good to listen and gives very relief to mind

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